Hypnosis for Past life recall (QHHT) and Higher Self Contact: 2 hours

Receive soothing guided imagery and transformative hypnosis techniques to unlock past lives and gain more information about who you truly are. The most powerful component of this specialty hypnosis is the higher self contact and integration that occurs. Ask anything about your life and receive answers from the part of you that has access to all information in the Universe. You can ask about your life purpose, for healing, and for answers about family and relationships. Free 30 minute phone consultation and audio recording of your session included for your future use. $220

Energetic Healing and Intuitive Reading Session: 1 hour

Receive a reiki energy healing in a soothing environment with reiki master and clairvoyant Liana Soria. Along with the proven healing effects or reiki, also get messages from your spirit guides and angels about how to heal your life. Audio recording provided. $88

Shamanic Healing Session: 1 hour

Receive a traditional shamanic healing. Please note that this healing practice is not specific to any one indigenous tribe or people. These shamanic healing modalities are common on every human inhabited continent and are appropriate for anyone. Drumming journeys, purification practices, toning and chanting, totem animal infusions and classic extraction techniques may be used as needed. If you feel a foreign presence in your body or energy field, this is the healing type to choose first. Audio recording provided $88

Intuitive Card Reading: 30 minutes

Get your question answered quickly and thoroughly. A photo of your card spread will be provided, as well as an audio recording of your verbal reading. $44