Erin Macsymic

Erin is a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, Mind-Body Connection Coach, Success Coach and Massage Therapist. She has worked with high profile clients, celebrity entertainers, professional athletes, successful entrepreneurs, as well as in a hospital setting. Erin completed her Bachelor of Health Science in Canada and has been passionately learning about and studying human optimization for over 12 years. She is an active member of the Hypnotist Examiners of America and Natural Health Practitioners of Canada.

Erin had her own journey of healing which led her to study and practice Hypnosis, Holographic Memory Resolution, and Mindfulness. She is well equipped in helping people discover and utilize their own inner strength and power, heal trauma and negative emotions, and create lasting life transformations.

Erin Macsymic RMT CHt
MAC Hypnosis
Presence. Healing. Optimization.