Welcome to Soul School

Join others who feel like it is time to expand intuitive, spiritual, and energetic abilities. There are many of us who feel the urge to grow and learn more about our true selves at this time.
When you were a child, did you often feel like you knew more than the adults around you somehow? Did you have wisdom beyond your years? Do you feel that you are an old soul?
Conversely, did you feel all your life that you don’t really belong here and that your home is beyond the stars? Do you know things most people don’t understand?
You may have found your tribe, then. There are many of us, and together we can uncover our innate gifts and use them to help humanity now.
Using meditation instruction, energy work, hypnosis, and other transformational tools for spiritual growth, we will access and integrate our higher Self, our true Soul.
Remember you are loved, remember you are vital to the Earth and to humanity. You will be protected while you journey to your soul and while you release all that you may be holding that no longer serves you. The processes we practice together will help you to discern what is divine in you and what may be in the way of your highest potential. The clearings and activations we will do together will bring you closer with every repetition to your highest Self.
Welcome to the New Earth, and know that you are the New Human.