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Psychic Development Class Series:

In this in-depth spiritual development series, become acquainted with your true abilities and your true self. By studying each topic taught in this ongoing series, you will master proven techniques to open up your intuitive gifts and give psychic readings to yourself and others. Repeat these classes to deepen and broaden your intuitive abilities over time.
Prerequisite: the workshop Beginner's Guide to Psychic Development. After taking the workshop you will be prepared to enter any class in the series and may begin at any time.

Class 1: Using Your Inner Guidance

Learn what your strongest gifts are.

Learn how to use your intuition.

Connect with your spirit guides.

Class 2: Getting to Know the Intuitive You

Learn how to check in with your higher self

Learn how to connect with your higher self through automatic writing

Learn how to have more confidence in your connection with self

Class 3: Learning to Use Your Spiritual Tools

Oracle/Tarot Cards: Learn how to interview your deck; spreads you can do for yourself and others.

Pendulum: programming, how to use, and the do's and don’ts of working with a pendulum

Crystals: use meditation to interview your crystal to find out what healing energies it is bringing into your life

Runes: Learn how to have fun and read runes

Class 4: Putting it All Together: Use Your Gifts to Give a Psychic Reading

Learn to give readings using your intuitive gifts

This is a safe place to practice your gifts and receive