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Reiki I certification

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Reiki Level 1 Beginner Training $111
5 hours of Reiki training that will get you trained to give Reiki to yourself and others

What is Reiki?
Reiki, pronounced “ray key”, means Universal Life Force.
Reiki is a healing technique and a spiritual practice that was developed in Japan early in the last century. It’s practiced by placing your hands on or just above the body. Reiki is a dynamic tool for tapping into a larger system of universal energy that already flows inside and outside our bodies.
At the end of your Reiki Level 1 Training, you will be certified to give Reiki to yourself and others.
In the beginner’s class, you learn specific routines that you are encouraged to practice daily. One of Reiki’s great advantages is that it does not require any special equipment and therefore can be practiced anywhere. It will be as effective if you choose to combine it with meditation or to practice it throughout your day every time your hands are free. You can give Reiki to yourself while talking, watching TV, sitting in a waiting room or watching a movie. Self- Reiki brings balance and harmony and supports your body’s natural healing abilities.

Taking care of yourself before taking care of others is essential for living a balanced and satisfied life. Many of us give so much to others that at the end of the day we have no energy left for ourselves.

Reiki has been used for years to reduce stress and achieve body and mind relaxation, reduce pain, anxiety, reduce the side effect of medications and support recovery after injuries or surgery.Practicing Reiki can help you become more calm and peaceful under stressful situations.

The emotional benefits of Reiki include: being more positive, increased self-awareness and being more in the present. It also helps to regain focus and perspective with little effort and time. Reiki may also be useful for medical conditions that may worsen with stress. Some research suggests that stress reduction may help people manage symptoms of conditions such as: anxiety, depression, pain, sleep problems and high blood pressure.

What is included in Reiki beginner training (Level 1) Class:
* Ancient Roots of Reiki – get inspired by how it all started
* Your First Attunement – the process which makes Reiki available to you for good
* Hand Positions for Self-Reiki
* Hand Positions for giving Reiki to others – family members, friends, clients and pets
* Reiki Level 1 certificate

What should I expect during Reiki beginner training Class?
An hour into the class, after doing introductions and learning the basics of Reiki, you will be given a series of Reiki Attunements that empower you to practice Reiki. Immediately after being connected to Reiki, you will learn and practice how to get centered before using Reiki and how to give Reiki to yourself. Later in the day, you will learn to give Reiki to other people. Class ends with a full hands-on Reiki Exchange in pairs with your fellow students, to integrate everything you learned in class and prepare you to take it with you to your life

Included in this class is the gift of a custom made audio recording. It has been created specifically for reiki 1 graduates who wish to develop stronger intuition and energy healing abilities. Script and voice by Liana Soria, Reiki Master.

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